Comunication Network

Our region borders with 50% of the regions in the peninsula (over 56% of the national GDP). Castile – La Mancha is passed through by 4 out of the 6 main motorways in the country, as well as by the railway networks communicating 14 out of the 24 ports with the central area of the country. This allows the region to be a referent for all activities with an influence in the central zone of the Iberian Peninsula.

Rail Network

Castile – La Mancha is in a privileged location between the centre of the peninsula and the east coast.

Within the region, several location may be considered important logistic hubs, such as the town of Alcázar de San Juan and El Puerto Seco de Azuqueca, especially taking into account the European trend towards transporting freight by rail.

High Speed Rail

All provincial capitals of Castile – La Mancha have a high – speed railway station, thus increasing mobility within the region and the connection with Madrid.
In fact, our region boasts 670 km of high speed rail links.

Ports and airports

The region of Castile – La Mancha has an airport in Albacete, alongside which there is an aeronautics and logistics park.

In addition, Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas International Airport is located just minutes from Castile – La Mancha.

Moreover, we are connected by motorway and rail network with the ports of Barcelona and Valencia.

Autovías y autopistas

Castilla-La Mancha has 19,606 km of roads of all types of roads.
It also has more than 1,800 km of multi-lane roads, highways and highways.

The spider web structure of the Spanish road network positions Castilla-La Mancha as a natural extension of the metropolitan Madrid.
Four of the six highways that radiate from Madrid to the main ports of the Iberian Peninsula cross Castilla-La Mancha:

  • A-2 Axis Madrid – Barcelona.
  • A-3 Axis Madrid – Valencia.
  • A-4 Axis Madrid – Andalucía.
  • A-5 Axis Madrid – Portugal.
  • Also, the radial toll roads R-2, R-4 and R-5.

Apart from the big radial axes, Castile – La Mancha has the axis Madrid – Toledo (A42 motorway), together with a number of high-capacity interconnecting roads:

  • Alicante motorway (A-31), Murcia motorway (A-30) in Albacete.
  • A-43 motorway, Ciudad Real – Puertollano motorway (A-41), Viñedos motorway (CM-42) and 4th Centenary motorway (CM-45) in Ciudad Real.
  • Sagra motorway (CM-41 and CM-43) in Toledo.

Source: Anuario Estadístico del Ministerio de Fomento y III Plan Regional de Carreteras de Castilla-La Mancha 2015-2026