State R&D

Science and Technology Park of Castile – La Mancha

It is the result of the union of the Science and Technology Parks of Albacete and Guadalajara.

The model of the park is capable of becoming a promoter of the innovation processes and initiatives by which businesses, research and technological development centres and the two Universities of the region will result in a new type of economic model. It will have a direct effect on the modernisation of the production network of Castile – La Mancha, allowing the region to successfully participate in the new challenges proposed by the Information Society.

National Research Centres

ISFOC Institute for Concentration Photovoltaics System (Ciudad Real).

It has several demonstration plants from different technologies, providing valuable information in the value chain of CPV for manufacturers, investors and the scientific community in general. ISFOC facilities are made up of fully equipped laboratories where the different component of the plants are tested. Likewise, the staff of more than 30 professionals, has developed knowledge and expertise which, together with the facilities and demonstration plants, made ISFOC a world reference in CPV study. In fact, their results are published world-wide.

IREC Institute for Game and Wildlife Research, (Ciudad Real).

The IREC has the objective foundations of ensuring the sustainability of hunting, contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity and promoting its socio-economic performance. In addition, IREC was born with the mission to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge which will help maintain a balance between hunting and conservation.

This objective is pursed through three types of activities developed from IREC: research, training and dissemination.

Castilla-La Mancha Bio-Economy Region (CLaMber)

The CLAMBER Project was managed and developed by the Regional Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research and Development of Castilla-La Mancha (IRIAF).

CLaMber Project aim:

  • To build a technologically advanced biorefinery on demonstration scale to investigate the production of innovative high value-added bioproducts and biofuels derived from biomass.
  • To create a technological pole in the region to activate synergies either with biomass-producing companies and bio-products users and encourage the creation and exploitation of new market niches.
  • Revitalize the local economy and reverse the negative demography that characterizes rural areas.
  • To create an efficient public-private cooperation system, oriented to scientific and technological progress and the driving force of European and international initiatives.

CNH2 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology National Centre, (Ciudad Real).

The centre appeared as a response to stimulate the research of future technologies like hydrogen and fuel cells, in which Spain has an advantage over other countries that lead these technologies: its leading role in the development of renewable energy. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are being driven in their use as energy storage of the energy produced from renewable energies: as a complete alternative to fossil fuels, to reduce their randomness and as an energy carrier with many applications, both in transport and stationary systems.

IRIAF – Agri-food and Forestry Regional Research and Development Centre

The main objective is to foster research, development, innovation, training, modernization and transfer of knowledge and research, aimed at the agricultural, livestock, forestry, environmental, hunting, aquaculture sectors, as well as fluvial fishing and its transformation and commercialization industries. The means by which this is done is technological development and boosting initiatives aiming at new types of production, as well as adapting to the market and meeting its new demands for quality and competitiveness.

It is made up by the following centres:

  • IVICAM Wine and Vine Institute of Castile – La Mancha.
  • CIAPA Beekeping and Agri-environmental Research Centre.
  • CIAG Agri-environmental Research Centre.
  • CIAF Agroforestry Research Centre.
  • CERSYRA Livestock Research Centre.
  • CIGAF Forestry and Livestock Research Centre ‘Dehesón del Encinar’.