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Invest In Castilla-La Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha offers the best location for your business due to its broad offering of industrial land and government incentives.

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Why Castilla-La Mancha?

Why invest in Castilla-La Mancha

Strategic location in southern Europe

Castilla–La Mancha is a region situated in the very centre of Spain, bordered by seven other regions (Andalucía, Aragón, Castillla y León, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura, Madrid and Murcia).

Due to its advantageous position is surrounded by more than 60% of Spanish population, a market of more than 28.6 people.

Excellent infrastructure

The region has a first – rate communication network, which interconnect its provinces and facilitates the transport of goods and people, not only across its extraordinary road network, but also across its railway network, with both ordinary and high speed trains (AVE).

Competitive costs and availability of qualified personnel

The workforce in Castilla–La Mancha is large and specialized, which helps boost the competitiveness of companies that have established themselves in our region.
Labour and land costs are significantly lower in comparison with bordering regions.

Support from Regional Government

The Regional Government is firmly committed to industrial and business development in our region, developing support policies for entrepreneurs such as Plan Adelante and supporting lines for Training and Employment.

Furthermore, it always maintains a collaborative attitude in order to facilitate the establishment of new companies in Castilla–La Mancha.

Available Industrial Land

In Castilla–La Mancha industrial sites are plentiful and of a very high quality. The region’s numerous industrial states provide every facility and both local and regional institutions are willing to provide assistance to any company wishing to establish itself in our region.

Quality of Life

Castilla–La Mancha has a range of cultural, nature and gastronomic activities that makes it a special place to live. Did you think these lands, universally known because of the adventures of Don Quixote, were merely plains plough through roads and railways, crossing the centre of the Iberian Peninsula?

Castilla-La Mancha is waiting for you… come and enjoy it!

Cultural Heritage

Castilla–La Mancha has a rich historic and cultural heritage. In fact, there are up to five sites which have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO:

  • Mining Park in Almadén
  • Toledo
  • Cave Art in the Mediterranean Arc of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Cuenca

Natural Wealth

Not only does Castilla-La Mancha offers a great cultural heritage, but it also has an extraordinary natural and landscape wealth. Its settings invite to active tourism such as hiking, cycling, house routes, 4×4 routes, canyoning or caving. The visitor will even enjoy the cloudless skies. The national parks of, Cabañeros and Tablas de Daimiel, have unique characteristics; they both are an example of the collective effort on preserving and defending these singular natural spaces. In fact, their preservation is put ahead of other interests.


Castilla-La Mancha has top quality, worldwide known food, used by our renowned chefs.
The biggest vineyard in the world produces great wines and liquors, as well as offering beautiful wineries for wine tourism.
The combination of food and drinks makes up for a great opportunity to enjoy the vast gastronomy offer of the region.

Tourism of Castilla-La Mancha

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