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Boost to the Aeronautics Cluster in Castilla-La Mancha with the New Logistics Hub of Airbus Helicopters

By 11 December, 2023 No Comments

This project will create more than 300 jobs and strengthens the region’s commitment to the aeronautical industry

Castilla-La Mancha is once again emerging as a strategic destination for the aerospace industry, offering a unique combination of regional economic incentives, strong government support, active collaboration between companies specialising in the sector and a wide availability of industrial land. These advantages, ranging from investment stimulus policies to business synergy and adequate infrastructure, have made the region a magnet for major aerospace projects. The presence of pioneering facilities, such as the upcoming Airbus Helicopters logistics hub, underlines Castilla-La Mancha’s leading role at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness in the global aerospace industry.

A State-of-the-Art Logistics Hub

Airbus Helicopters, in partnership with Daher and Exotec, is in the final stages of bringing its innovative logistics hub in Albacete into operation. This project, with an investment of two years from start-up to its expected opening in the second half of the first quarter of 2024, will occupy an impressive 55,000 square metres divided into four strategic zones.

Efficient Space Organisation

The facility includes two automated warehouses for receiving, checking and storing parts, as well as two warehouses for larger items. With a quarantine system and a capacity to store up to 75,000 boxes, the hub ensures an efficient flow of components for Airbus Helicopters’ global assembly lines.

Robotic Innovation at Work

At the heart of the logistics hub are 20 autonomous robots operating at a speed of 4 metres per second. These robots, equipped with a three-dimensional guidance system, are responsible for handling and storing the more than 75,000 boxes in a chaotic but highly efficient manner. Each robot has a unique identification and is responsible for specific tasks, from handling to shipment preparation.

Integrated Management and Strategic Collaboration

The management of this logistics hub has been entrusted to the logistics company Daher, while Exotec, the French company specialising in warehousing systems, has carried out the implementation. It is estimated that this project will generate between 300 and 350 jobs in the region.

Logistics Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

A highlight is the sustainability built into the design of the logistics hub. The facility features a 30,000 square metre solar panel plant, generating 5.3 megawatts per hour. This initiative reflects Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to energy efficiency and reducing its environmental footprint.

Future Prospects and Logistics Benefits

Despite the apparent complexity of shipping components to Albacete and then redistributing them, Airbus Helicopters stresses that this optimised approach will significantly reduce the logistical challenges that arise when parts travel between multiple facilities. This strategy is expected to improve operational efficiency and minimise logistical problems.

In summary, Airbus Helicopters’ new logistics hub in Castilla-La Mancha represents a significant step towards excellence in the aeronautical cluster, fusing technological innovation, operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. This project not only strengthens the region’s position in the aeronautical industry, but also contributes to the economic boost and job creation in the area.