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Castilla-La Mancha launches new digital tool for managing investment projects

By 7 March, 2022 June 16th, 2023 No Comments

After its launch on February 9, more than 100 town halls are already registered in this tool.The Counselor of Economy, Business and Employment of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, Patricia Franco, has confirmed the good start of the new platform for managing investment projects, which was presented on February 9 at the meeting of the Council for Attracting Foreign Investment II in Albacete.

The main objective of this new tool is to speed up communication with  town halls of Castilla La Mancha before new investment projects arrive in the region. In this way, municipalities can quickly and easily upload their proposals and characteristics with aspects such as the availability of land or infrastructure.

“This new platform fulfills this objective, as it will be a direct channel of communication between the Autonomous Executive through Invest in CLM and the municipalities, where investment projects that must seek certain location conditions will be registered. This will help us process the information much faster and take advantage of the digitalization of the municipalities”, the Counselor stated.

It is an initiative that follows the Invest in Spain platform model. This organization, dedicated to attracting foreign investment in Spain, presents to the Autonomous Communities the requirements that a new investment project demands. The different municipalities respond to this call with the capacities they have in terms of land, incentives, talent or infrastructure to ensure that the project is realized in their respective regions.

“We have also applied this process at a regional level. Although we have identified most of the available land in the region mainly thanks to the commercial land map, it is very interesting to have a real-time update of our offer. For this reason, now when there is a new investment project, we upload it on the platform to find out what each municipality can offer“, explained the Minister.

Currently, more than 100 municipalities have already registered on the new platform, and this number is expected to increase in the coming weeks. “The goal is to consolidate a solid database that contains available land and warehouses, both public and private, and that can be offered to investors who are considering Castilla-La Mancha,” concluded Patricia Franco.