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Castilla-La Mancha receives €567 million of investment in 2022, its best ever figure

By 20 March, 2023 April 3rd, 2023 No Comments

skydwellerAttendees at the VII Forum of Foreign Capital Companies of Castilla-La Mancha
(Santa Cruz de la Zarza, 16 November 2022)

Toledo, 20th March 2023.

According to data published by the Investment Register, Castilla-La Mancha received a total of €566.8 million in gross investment flows in 2022. This figure represents a growth of 202% compared to 2021, and places the region as the seventh Spanish Autonomous Region that received the most investment flows last year. It is also the best record in the historical series (since 1993).

Breaking this amount down by type of operation, we can see that most of it corresponds to acquisitions (€304.5m), followed by other expansions and reinvestments (€221.9m) and greenfield/brownfield operations (€40.39m).

In terms of net investment, which subtracts divestments from gross investment, the region obtained a figure of €565.6m in 2022, an increase of 1,023% compared to the same period last year.

If we focus only on the fourth quarter of the year, the evolution has been even more spectacular, with an increase of 766% compared to last year. Castilla-La Mancha has been the 5th Spanish region that has received more investment flows during the fourth quarter of 2022 (393 M€).

By countries that have invested the most in the region in 2022, Germany leads the ranking with 212.25 M€, followed by the USA (123.58 M€) and Italy (100.10 M€).

By investment sectors, ‘Sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorbikes’ leads the ranking, with 212.54 M€, followed by ‘Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning’, with 190.93 M€.

The fDi Markets database of the Financial Times, which collects the cross-border projects of new productive investment announced according to their intended destination, shows that 2022 has marked a record high in Castilla-La Mancha in terms of the number of projects announced in the region (30), investment ($3,378 million) and employment announced. These figures are 45%, 226% and 71% higher than the previous year’s figures, respectively.

Finally, according to data provided by alternative sources such as SABI (D&B), by the end of 2022 Castilla-La Mancha is home to 267 companies with foreign capital.