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749 people from Castilla-La Mancha have applied for Return of Talent Program’s aids

By 18 January, 2022 June 20th, 2023 No Comments

The current paradigm shift at the labor market increasingly requires companies (regardless of their industry or size) to make a cultural change aimed at attracting and developing human talent. In fact, managing talent in companies has become one of the most important internal tasks. The importance of a motivated and qualified team implies an improvement in work performance. That can be translated into greater effectiveness in terms of the final results of the company’s activity.

Thus, Castilla-La Mancha today maintains the Return of Talent program. This is an aid that the regional government offers to young people who go abroad, so that they can return, promoting their recruitment, entrepreneurial activity or professional training in Castilla-La Mancha. In this way, to date, 749 emigrants from Castilla-La Mancha have applied for support from the program to make their return easier and more efficient.

The success of the program, launched in September 2017, has led to an increasing number of young people who are abroad. They request the assistance of the program for their return to the region. In light of this, and taking into account that facilitating the return means giving back to the society of Castilla-La Mancha the efforts and investments that these people have made, the Government intends to create the necessary conditions to allow a favorable and appropriate return in terms of employment.

What assistance does the program offer?

The program includes three different types of assistance: Permanent Contract Grants, Entrepreneurship Grants, and a Return Passport.

Line 1: Grants for permanent contracts of up to €15,000.

They are intended for companies and other entities that hire people from Castilla-La Mancha who have worked abroad. Always with the aim of promoting both the return and the integration of these people in the labor market of Castilla-La Mancha.

Line 2: Grants for starting an entrepreneurial activity of up to 6,000 €.

Aimed at Castilian-La Mancha residents who have lived or worked abroad and are ready to start their own economic activity in the region. The aim is to compensate for the costs of starting the activity that each entrepreneur has to bear.

Line 3: Return Passport with a support of up to 3,000 €.

This last line is aimed at workers who have left Castilla-La Mancha to develop their careers abroad and now want to return to their region. The passport has a title that includes the right to an amount of up to 3,000 € to cover the costs associated with the move from abroad to the region. This also includes the costs incurred by family members who live with the person who returns. This will ensure the return of the family unit to our region.

To all this, the program provides emigrants with a team of intermediaries composed of professionals in the field of employment and career counseling. They advise and accompany people who wish to return, connect them with companies interested in hiring international talent, and clarify any questions or problems that may arise.

How can companies participate in the Return of Talent program?

Company participation in the program is critical both to creating return opportunities and to the growth and development of the entity itself. The combination of professionals with international experience and extensive knowledge of other cultures and languages will strengthen the business structure of Castilla-La Mancha: it will offer new innovative ideas, new points of view and skills that are different from the national ones.

To further strengthen this commitment to the return and growth, the program includes subsidies for permanent contracts aimed at companies. However, the success of the program will depend largely on the ability of companies to offer attractive and suitable jobs to professionals who want to take the opportunity to return home and foster their growth.