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Investments of Foreign Companies in R&D Activities

By 25 February, 2020 July 3rd, 2020 No Comments
25 Feb. 2020
CALL 2020 “Investment program of foreign companies in R+D activities of ICEX Spain Export and Investment”.
The Regional Government, through the Institute of Foreign Promotion and with the support of ICEX-Invest In Spain has carried out today an Informative Day In the IPEX headquarters, about the CALL 2020 “Investment program of foreign companies in R&D activities of ICEX Spain Export and Investment” endowed with 1.5 Million Euros.
The aim of this aid is to encourage the implementation of actions that allow the promotion of investment by foreign capital companies with a high innovative component.
WHAT DO WE OFFER? – Non-refundable aid
WHY? – R+D projects
HOW MUCH? – Up to 200,000 euros (% of the investment)
FOR WHO? – Foreign capital companies
HOW? – Competitive Concurrency
WHERE? – Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Canary Islands, Murcia and Galicia
WHEN? – Application until 12 March and investments until 31 December 2020
Investment in plant, equipment, human resources and technology will be supported to the extent that they are used in the project and with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness and productivity of the Spanish economy.
Link to the CALL.
Attached you can see the presentation of the line.